Inventing the Future:

a Cinematic Adaptation


Nick Srnicek’s and Alex Williams’ Inventing the Future sparked widespread conversations about the future of society. By challenging the Left to rethink what politics could be, they leveled a charge that was met with praise and controversy. An imaginative polemic, Inventing the Future was never meant to be a final word – it was meant to be a launchpad. 


Isiah Medina is a young and ambitious filmmaker. His debut feature, 88:88, irrupted through the festival circuit. After premiering at Locarno International Film Festival, 88:88 went on to play the New York Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival, among others, and was met with stellar reviews by film critics, philosophers, cinephiles, activists, and dreamers alike. 88:88 is an experimental film about poverty, youth, media culture, philosophy, and the very medium of film itself. 


Together they are creating a cinematic experience that will look to the future with unwavering optimism about what humans and technology can do, about how politics can create, and about what Life can become. Inventing the Future is a film unlike any other. It is from the future itself.


The future is already-but-not-yet. It will require collectivity to realize it. This film explores that process.



"I could say that 88:88 is a masterpiece, but masterpieces are the domain of the past; Medina has taken his first step into the future." – Cinema Scope

88:88 is an avant-garde sensation” – Indie Wire

“Isiah Medina rethinks the possibilities and language of cinematic form” - BFI

“Here’s a motion picture for anyone who has craved to be challenged again by cinema” – Brooklyn Rail

“An incredible breath of fresh air” – Mubi

Praise for Isiah Medina's Debut Feature



“A fascinating book about an alternative to austerity.” – Owen Jones

“Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams' project dares to propose a different way of thinking and acting. Given the fizzling of the Occupy moment, a radical rethinking of the anarchic approach is badly needed but just not happening. This book could do a lot of work in getting that rethink going.” – Doug Henwood

“A powerful book: it not only shows us how the postcapitalist world of rapidly improving technology could make us free, but it also shows us how we can organise to get there. This is a must-read.”
– Paul Mason

“Most important book of 2015” – Aaron Bastani, co-founder of Novara Media

Praise for the Book Inventing the Future: Postcapitalism and a World Without Work











Directed by / Isiah Medina
Screenplay by / Isiah Medina
Written by / Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams
Produced by / Austin Hayden Smidt

A QTY Production


With support from Verso Books


Coming Winter 2017

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